Sunday, June 1, 2014

I {Heart} This - SCI80

Good morning to you all!  I can't believe it's June already.... time just flies!  Only a teeny tiny little bit of school left and then it'll be summer vacation!  Yay!  So to get you all in the mood and mindset for summer and sunshine, and all things bright, happy and fun... the ladies and I at Stampin' Celebration have a new challenge for you!  Check it out...

Now... I know that my layout isn't really extremely bright and all... but when I was making it... it all made sense, but when you just look at one little itty bitty layout by its  lonesome, you might wonder exactly where I am headed!

You see... when I saw the inspiration picture... I immediately thought... "Perfect!  Our Mexico pictures will get scrapbooked!"  So here I am making this layout with a picture from Mexico, but when I go back and look at the inspiration picture, it really doesn't match up all that well anymore!  In my head it does though... so try to stretch your imaginations for me, OK?

OK, that's it for me!  Seeya later... hopefully sooner rather than later... although with all this gorgeous weather we're having, it's usually later!

xo Anita


Heather North said...

I think it totally works for the inspiration. Relaxing on the beach is what it's all about. Love your layout and that you captured a picture of yourself on vacation.

Unknown said...

Thanks Anita for your comments on my blogs! I love this page. . . although it does remind me that I have a lot of beach pictures that need to be scrapbooked, lol. Have a great day!