Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Baby Announcement!

Yes!  That's right!  A baby announcement!  

No.... not me!  (pick yourself up off the floor Mom!)  My sister in law and brother in law!  

They are pretty newlyweds... so newlywed in fact that I just finally finished scrapbooking their wedding photos!  But we were so excited to hear that they are expecting a baby in June.  They will be fabulous parents I'm sure!  So when Esther called to ask if I could design something so she could announce it on Facebook (apparently this is all the rage!) I was MORE than pleased to accommodate her.  In fact I really can't take much credit for this design at all...  she wanted it to be a chalkboard with some cool letters, she provided the darling little ultrasound photo and the stamps were a cinch in MDS... easy peasy.  I seriously think it took me like.... maaaaaybe 20 minutes?

Here it is....

There ya have it!  Cute huh?  Thanks for stopping by!  

xo Anita