Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Everyday Occasions!

Good afternoon!  I've been busy, busy, busy here, so what more perfect time to pull out my new Everyday Occasions card kit from Stampin' Up!  At first, I thought, who needs a card kit?  I have so much stuff already!  But all the cards looked so pretty, and yes, sometimes I just want a FAST card, where someone else has already done all the creative thinking!  So I ordered it.  HELLO!!!  What exactly was I waiting for?  All this cute, cute stuff packaged up in this cute, cute box!  Yum!

I whipped one up in a couple (OK, maybe five!) minutes.  Honest!

Take a look!

So cute, right!?  My parents-in-law hope to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary this weekend.  Guess what?  Their card is done!

Now to keep this out of my girls' clutches!  

xo Anita

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