Monday, April 28, 2014

MDS Newspaper

Welcome everyone!  I've got a quick post for you today!  I just wanted to stop by to show you the newspaper that I designed for my sister in law and her new husband's wedding this past weekend!

For her wedding reception programs, my sister in law wanted something unique, but fun.  When I googled around, I saw this newspaper idea.  I figured it would be a snap to put together in MDS, and it was pretty good, although I still put a lot of hours into it!  But it was worth it!  She loved 'em!   The wedding theme had the whole vintage, burlap, lacy thing going on, so I used the textured stamp in the background, and it looks just like burlap! 

OK, so the above two pages were 11 x 17 size, and got folded down the middle to make the finished size 8.5 x 11.  We then folded them in half again, just like a real newspaper!  The top one was the front and back pages of the 'newspaper'. The one below it was printed on the other side of the top one to serve as the second and second last pages of the newspaper.  The comics are from the internet somewhere... the bride sent those to me, so I really don't know where she found them.... I presume somewhere in Google images.

The two pages above were also printed back to back on an 8.5 x 11 sheet. And were the center sheet in the newspaper  The word search I made in a free online puzzle maker thingy, and the sudoku and old ads were from Google images.  The 'kissing menu' my sister in law sent to me, so I have no idea where that is from either... I modified it a little to suit my tastes.

So there you have it!  The nitty gritty on my wedding newspaper that has occupied MANY of my hours in the last few weeks!  Hope you like!

xo Anita

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