Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy 10th Birthday-MDS

Hello!  Long time no talk!  My presence on this old blog has been pretty sparse lately hasn't it?  Well, there's no special reason really... just enjoying the summer with my family!  And not getting up to alot of card making at all... but the last little while I have picked up my MDS again... and am trying to make a dent in my pictures stored on my computer!  I had a hard time getting going again... seemed like I had to find my groove again... but I hope I'm on my way!  

I love playing along with challenges to get my creative juices flowing, so I hope to be a little more regular from now on!  If you're looking for some great challenges yourself, why don't you check out Stampin' Celebration, which holds two challenges a month, or MDS Monday is another fabulous challenge which I love to play along with, but have sadly neglected as of late, and they have a challenge every week.  There are other challenges like the Pixel Maven which I haven't played along with too much, but hope to find (make!) time to do more regularly!

Anyway... as I was going through all my layouts and re-aquainting myself with what I had scrapbooked and what I had not done yet.... I found a few layouts that didn't get posted here, what with the busyness of summer and all... so I figured I would start with posting them.  I actually started this layout for a MDS Monday challenge, but didn't get it posted in time for the deadline, so it languished away in my files until now!  Here you are!

Well, there you have it.  My daughters 10th birthday layout finally posted, and her 11th birthday is sneaking up on me around the corner!  Eeek!

Hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for taking the time to look!

xo Anita

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