Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More MDS...Again!

OK, I'm almost caught up showing you what I've been up to lately... here's some more scrapbooking!

I did post this one on mydigitalstudio.net... but never on here, so thought I would!  It's a real CAS layout... sometimes these work out really nice when I have a bunch of pictures that I really want to use instead of just one or two!  It's so hard to choose sometimes!

This layout above gave me no end of grief.  When I was trying to export it, it kept mirroring the bottom picture so that it was zoomed in on my father in law's shirt!  Yeah, not the look I was going for!  So in the end I flipped it myself in MDS, and it exported it just the way I wanted it to!  So wierd!  

I just found some more layouts, so there'll be a bunch more posts in the coming days!

Seeyou later!  xo Anita

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