Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I {Heart} This - SC82

Good morning y'all!  I'm back today with a great inspiration challenge for Stampin' Celebration!  This time around we're all about s'more camping memories.... or maybe glamping! do you have some camping pictures just waiting to be scrapbooked? or maybe you'll take inspiration from the colours and make a card!  Whatever strikes your fancy!

Here's a scrap layout I made in MDS of my two oldest girls on a camping/fishing trip with my husband.... where according to my husband, there was a lot more camping than fishing!

My oldest daughter enjoyed herself to the fullest and didn't miss me at all (only because she had her sister with her!) and my younger daughter took a picture of me on her camera before she left so she could look at me before she went to sleep and when she missed me! (except the camera battery went dead, so that didn't work out, and she was just a teensy bit sad the whole time!)  And then.... now this is a funny story... she thought my husband was going to get arrested (her mind was working overtime here since Mommy wasn't along!)  

My husband found a campsite, parked the van, set up the tent, they all got settled... and then the park co-ordinator came along for payment.  Now every campsite we've ever been to has debit/credit, so when my husband whipped his card out, the guy told him it was cash only... and my husband had no cash!  And the nearest town or machine where my husband could get cash was MILES away, and it was already 9:30 at night... so while my husband 'discussed' this with the park co-ordinator Carlye started worrying and crying that Daddy was going to get arrested for' camping without paying' and all sorts of other drastic scenarios!  Poor thing!  Anyway... in the end, turned out there was the 'old-fashioned' way of paying with a credit card where they swipe that little box thingy over your card to take an imprint of it.  Who knew!?  The only reason the guy worked up the energy to go and get his credit card thing, was because my husband drew his attention to Carlye's crying, and the guy probably didn't want to be the cause of more of a young girl's tears!

Anyway... that's one of our memories of this camping trip.... you go scrap yours, or make a card based on the inspiration photo above, then come back and link up on Stampin' Celebration!  You could be our Pick of the Party!  And something new this month will be that you can vote on your favourite entry as well!  Just click on the little heart in the corner of the entry thumbnail that you love the most... you get one vote per challenge, so play along soon so that more people have more time to see your entry and vote on you!  Yay!

Have a great summer!  xo Anita

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