Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Never Doubt Yourself!

Have you ever?  Doubted yourself?  We probably all have at one time or another... this layout and these pictures are proof you shouldn't!  I have one pretty sporty daughter, and one not so sporty daughter... she wasn't interested in anything involving exertion or the like... (I'll never be able to do it anyway...) until she came with me to my older daughter's gymnastics class... and LOVED it!  She went from not being able to do a cartwheel or anything of the like to not being too shabby at all!!!  And when I see these pictures, taken a couple years ago already... I see even more how far she has come since then!  

Of course, this probably means that I could technically still learn to do a cartwheel myself!!!!  Yeah, not gonna happen!!!

OK... we're on the downward stretch to the weekend.... yummy Thanksgiving weekend for us Canadians... take care everyone!  See you tomorrow!

xo Anita

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