Friday, October 11, 2013

Summer Home

Hello Friday!!!  Quick post today... lots on my agenda!  Love this simple layout using an OLD download (included in the original full version of MDS!)  Also... imagine the background of this layout if you will... it is white and gets lost on the white background of my blog!  It's there though!

Man.... once I really started looking through all my downloads and opening them all up to take a peek... I really saw what goodies I had, and am inspired to use more of them, instead of all the new trendy ones.... although, I love new, trendy ones too!!!  I've got a TON of stuff in MDS since, when I got the new MDS... I combined the two programs on my computer.... to have ONE GINORMOUS ONE!!!!  All the better to scrapbook with, my dear!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  To all my fellow Canadians, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

xo Anita

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