Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another CASE of Sweet Sorbet

I have a few more cards to show you along the same lines as those of yesterday!  I love these cards... and this paper is just beautiful.  I'm glad I have a couple packs of it!

All of today's cards were copied or inspired by someone to some degree or another.  I don't remember who exactly, but if I do, I will say so.  If you recognize one, feel free to shout it out! 

The little grouping of elements on the front of this card was inspired by Erica Cerwin.

I don't remember who for this one.

Pretty sure this one was Cindy Schuster.

And, sadly, for this last one I don't know who inspired me either!  I just love all these cards.

I gave a pack of them to my secret sister a couple weeks ago, as a last gift for the year before I started surprising someone different, and she just loved them!  Packaged all together, they sure looked pretty!  So spring-y and fresh!

xo Anita

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