Friday, March 7, 2014

MDS on Friday!

Happy Friday!  I love the weekends!  Unfortunately my hubby has been working most Saturdays, so it's just me and the girls, but these are usually nice days too!  And these days it also means staying inside nice and cozy while it POURS rain out there!  But I'm not complaining... you don't have to shovel rain!  I love being inside nice and cozy while it's raining outside!  

Here's the last couple grandkids from my parents brag book, plus a couple pages with some miscellaneous snapshots of the grandkids!

Doesn't Andrew look like a fun loving little guy?

And this little lady is just three months younger than my own SarahLynn, and they can really giggle up a storm together!

The last couple pages were identical, I just switched up the photos!  Easy peasy.... lemon squeazy!

OK... seeya next week!

xo Anita

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