Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Three Lovelies!

Happy Thursday!  The weekend is getting closer!  Yay!

I'm going to quickly show you three more layouts from my Grandkids Book that I made for my parents.  These three are special.... they are my little lovelies!

Gemma, our oldest daughter.  This was taken on her 10th birthday this past summer!  Turning out to be quite a young lady!

Carlye just turned 9 a few weeks ago.  She's our snugglebug and a bigger and more willing helper than her could not be found.  She folds laundry on the sly to surprise me!  Seriously?

And here's our youngest little firecracker!  She's three... that's all I should have to say!  Just looking at her you should be able to tell that she's a real ball of fun, always with a ready giggle, and keeps us on our toes!

Seeyou tomorrow for the last little batch of grandkiddies!  (I know my mom must be swelling with pride on the other side of the country!  Love you Mom!)

xo Anita

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