Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More MDS!

As promised I am back with some more MDS layouts.  Four of them to be exact!

These four kiddos are from my second oldest sister, Sarah Lynn.

Have a look...

Sam is a pretty cool nephew.  Today is his 13th birthday.  Happy Birthday Sam!  Your card is in the mail!

Matthew.  I've got great nieces and nephews, that's for sure!

Abigail.  No sweeter niece could there be!

And then there's this little gal.... spunky little firecracker.... just like her Mommy at her age!

OK, that's it for me!  Seeya tomorrow!

I am off to clean up after our wild winter weather this past weekend!  Crazy... we got about a foot of snow in the space of 24 hours!  Not so bad compared to the rest of this country, but for us, this is VERY unusual.  We are normally enjoying spring weather and the cherry blossoms usually bloom by about next week, but I am sure we will not see any of that yet!

xo Anita

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