Monday, March 3, 2014

MDS Grandkids Album

For today I want to show you a few pages from the grandkids book that I made for my parents!

First of all... it's a book that you can get printed at Costco.  All you do is drag and drop your jpgs into the photo boxes and an hour later you have a quick album!  I have excellent results colour-wise at my Costco (Abbotsford, BC).  I just have to remember to tell them to turn the auto correct off... and the finished result matches my SU! colours exactly!  So to begin, I used a book that I had at home already to measure the finished size of the the canvas, and then just made a custom canvas in MDS and went from there!  In hind sight I should have also accounted for a bleed area.  It  didn't make too much of a problem, only on one of my chalkboard art pages... but you hardly even notice.... although I do!

So, without further ado... here is my title page, which shows through a cutout in the front cover of the book.

It's been a little while since I made this, but as far as my memory allows, everything I used on both my chalkboards was from a free downloaded font.  Except for the two flourishes on either side of the word 'empty'.  Those are from MDS... I just did a global search for flourish and picked my favourite one!

My parents have 17 grandchildren, so this book allowed a page for each grandchild, and a few with some miscellaneous fun pictures at the end.  To make sure no grandkids felt like they were at the back of the book and should have been at the front, I simply put the book in order of their age!  I will show you the book in order of family.  So what you will see over the next few days will be all of my oldest sister's kids in order of their age, and so on.

Here's my fabulously fun niece, Natalia.... going on 16 this year!  Eeek!

Nathan is turning 14 this month.  A nicer young man you couldn't find!

James... going on 11.  Don't you love his smile?

And then there's this cutie.  Andreas is in kindergarten and just turned 6.

And this ball of fun is almost 4 and keeps his Mommy company during the day!

I have used a variety of downloads and a bunch of tricks to do this or that!  If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear 'em!

Seeya tomorrow with a few more from my next sister!

xo Anita

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