Friday, August 22, 2014

Bokeh Effect in MDS!

OK, one more layout for this week... 

I don't know if I'll get much of a chance to get some MDS in, as we are having one last blast of summer with the kids and going camping for  three days... and then I'll have to buckle down and make sure we're all organized for school!  Ack!!!

And another confession... I totally CASEd this whole "bokeh" effect from Cindy Schuster... that girl has got some great stuff going on in MDS... I love CASEing her.  You use the confetti stamp image from the Cake & Icecream stamp brush set, blow it up really big... lessen the opacity, and repeat and rotate a few times to move your stamp into different positions!  Her layout was a really spring-y one, but I managed to make a Christmas one using pictures of my girls' gingerbread house decorating forays!  This could be snow falling in the background, or lights for the Christmas season... doesn't really matter to me... I just LOVE the way it looks!

Give it a whirl on your next layout!

xo Anita

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