Thursday, August 21, 2014

Love This!

We're getting to the end of the week again... and I still have a couple more layouts to show you!  Sometimes if I seem to have a bit of a mental or creative block with designing, I just find a layout from someone else that I love!  That's what I've done here!  

I took inspiration from Cindy Schuster's design, and just used what I had to make it my own!  It's so easy to do... and I always love the finished product!  The stamps I used are a little different than hers... in fact, nothing is exactly the same as hers, except the general idea and layout... it's so easy to customize something that you find on Pinterest or someone's blog to fit your own tastes, or fit what you have, instead of buying more downloads... although, I always like doing that too!!!

This is the last page in my daughter's albums... now I am super excited to get them uploaded and printed... although, I may wait until my Mexico book is done, and do them all at once!  Exciting!

Seeyou tomorrow! 

xo Anita

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