Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Family Vacation-MDSM78

Hi there!  

This afternoon I have yet another MDS layout!  To see all my MDS layouts click here.We'll be taking off again for one last blast of summer camping, so I made some time today for a little scrapbooking!  After this... it's groceries, laundry, all the stuff you do before you take off for a few days, and then when you get back there is MORE laundry!  Oh, the joys...!

Since I had camping on the brain... and the sketch at MDS Monday wanted a map, all in the spirit of family vacays... I turned to some pictures of our last camping trip down to the southernmost tip of Washington State... Cape Disappointment!  I assure you,  the trip was far from disappointing, as the name suggests!  I think it's something to do with Lewis & Clark, or some ship captain who thought he discovered something, but then was disappointed!  There are some conflicting reports... ha!  Although there are alot of things to explore there that are associated with Lewis & Clark... like this interesting boardwalk at Waikiki Beach, that contains all the journal entries from Lewis & Clark's journal!  Cool, huh?  And yes... I said Waikiki Beach ("the 'kicky' beach" according to my three year old!)  This beach has great waves like it's Hawaiian counterpart.... but baby... that water was COLD!

Anyway... that's neither here nor there... here's the great sketch inspiration from MDS Monday!

For may map I went on the internet and found a map of the Washington/Oregon coastline that I liked... then I did some editing so it didn't clash with my pictures.  I made it the colour of sand, and then to highlight where exactly we were on the coast, I did a coloured focal point of that area, and blurred out slightly behind the photo area!  You can see it there where the Columbia river enters the Pacific Ocean!  That's where we were!

We had the BEST time!  My husband has thousands of memories of camping with his aunt and uncle and cousins on the Oregon coast while growing up.  We want to make those memories for our kids too, so we've started going camping with his sister, her husband and their kids.  And although we didn't go as far as Oregon this year... my husband and brother-in-law are making plans for a big trip all the way down to San Diego next summer!  My in-laws come down for a few days too, although they don't do camping anymore, they stay in a condo nearby, and my sister-in-law and I sneak there for showers and a titch of civilization!  I'm more of a "glamper" than a "camper" myself!

So this layout has just a few shots of our trip down the coast, but there will be many more layouts documenting our fabulous fun-filled days!

Thanks for coming by!

xo Anita 


Tami Hewlett said...

Anita, I LOVE your page! Your idea to blur part of the map so the focus is on the section you visited is GENIUS!!! I also love the way the map turns to color at your focal point. Your photos are great, and I adore the frames you used. Awesome, awesome page!!! Thanks so much for joining us this week at MDS Monday.

beth rush said...

What a name "cape disappointment! too funny. But it looks like you all had a great time and your page is terrific! love your map. thanks so much for joining us at MDS Monday!

Heidi Baks said...

Wow, what fun photo effects! It really draws the eye to the background first, and then naturally to the photos. What a great transition. Thanks for joining MDS Monday this week.