Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gemma's 8th Birthday-Two Years Ago!

Just a quick post today.  Hope everyone had a great BC (Civic) Day yesterday, or if you are not Canadian, then I hope you had a fabulous Monday!  We are enjoying our last few weeks of summer here... trying to cram everything in before school starts again.  

This week is my oldest daughter's 10th birthday, so in honour of that, I thought I would show you a scrapbook layout I made in MDS that showcases Gemma, her Daddy and her sister Carlye on her 8th birthday two years ago!

I love this layout!  The picture is just a quick snap we took after breakfast.... if you look closely someone probably has a dirty face!  My husband doesn't like that he has his dirty work clothes on after a night shift, girls' hair hasn't been done, teeth have probably not been brushed... but, STILL... these are the sorts of everyday life pictures we get out of this household!  Your pictures do not have to be perfect or posed or anything!  Honestly, a few months ago I emailed my sister some of the layouts I had made and she said..."you make even just an ordinary plain jane picture into something beautiful!"  Now, I'm not saying I'm such a great scrapper, I'm saying..."that's what you do with MDS!"

Have a wonderful day everyone.  Thanks for stopping in to take a peek.  See you tomorrow!

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